It’s NOT the dryer… It’s the VENT!

Vent Doctors of Alaska LLC, is an Alaskan grown and operated company with a key focus of cleaning Dryer Vents for your home, condo, business, rental,  mutli-dwelling or commercial building .  Since 2004 Vent Doctors has been providing a fair priced and valued service to the Anchorage Bowl and our neighbors throughout Turnagain Arm and the Mat-Su Valley

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 At Vent Doctors of Alaska LLC, we come into your home and service the dryer vent from the inside out.  After servicing thousands of dryer vents, we have found this technique the most complete and comprehensive way to service your dryer vent.  Our courteous, professional and knowledgeable technician will service the vent from the back of the appliance to the termination cap. This insures all the lint congestion within the venting is removed. While the tech is behind the appliance, an inspection of the fire rating and installation of the transition vent connecting the appliance to the venting will be performed. The surrounding area behind the appliance and the lint trap of the appliance will be vacuumed.  The termination cap on the exterior of your home will also be remediated of lint. If the termination cap is on the roof, we will clean the lint off of the shingles to the best of our ability.  All these tasks typically take under an hour. As a home owner, property manager or landlord, you will have peace of mind knowing you received the best value from a specialized contractor for your hard earned money. Not bad for under $100 huh?

Is it taking longer than one cycle to dry? Do you want to reduce the risk of fire? Do you want to save money from wasted utilities and expensive appliance repairs?  For a majority of folks, one of these key reasons brought you to this web page. A lint congested vent causes reduced air flow exhaust to the exterior termination.  As a consequence, the appliance will reach operating temperature faster resulting in thermal cycling of safety limit switches. This creates extended drying cycles. Running your appliance over and over trying to dry a load will eventually cause expensive appliance repairs or worse, start a fire! It’s NOT the dryer…It’s the VENT! Although you may clean the lint catch screen of your dryer before each use, the screen only catches a small percentage of the lint made by your clothing. The majority of the lint blows past the screen and exhausts the dwelling through venting that can be located inside walls, ceilings, attics and/or a crawlspace.  A lint congested vent is the root of many dryer issues.  READ MORE

Reduce the risk of fire and save money from expensive appliance repairs. Find out why hundreds of homeowners, businesses, HOAs, Condo Associations, Realtors and Property Managers have their dryer vents cleaned or inspected annually by Vent Doctors of Alaska. We could save your home, maybe even your family.

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